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Environmental Policy Australian Owned & Operated

At ClearView Wipes, we are committed to making a difference to our environment. All efforts are made to ensure that the materials and processes used to create and deliver our products have minimal impact on our environment.

What are we doing about it?

  • Sourcing of our raw materials is made close to our manufacturing plants. This minimises the need for extensive transportation of materials prior to reaching the production line.
  • The material films contain a portion of recycled stock. Due to the nature of our final product, a high quality material is needed, so we have ensured that the optimal grade and thickness of material is used to ensure a high quality product is still delivered.
  • First class manufacturing processes are used to increase efficiencies thereby reducing the amount of wasted materials, energy and manpower. We continually work with our manufacturing partners, looking for innovative methods of producing our wipes.
  • In the development of our wipes, we have sourced a substrate that, once dry, can be recycled in regular household recycling facilities. Please note, various local councils have different requirements, so please check with your local council if they are able to recycle our used wipes.
  • Our packaging is manufactured in a continuous film, reducing the amount of feed film required at the start and end of each production run. We are still working with a range of film manufacturers to find a suitable solution which contains the correct barrier properties, but can either degrade or be recycled. Continuous improvements to packaging materials are being made, which will soon assist us in developing a product with little impact to landfill.

We welcome any feedback and comments that can help us deliver a product which will ensure we all have a ClearView for our planet.

ClearView Wipes