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Frequently Asked Questions Australian Owned & Operated

What is a ClearView Wipe?
A ClearView Wipe is a single use cleaning cloth that has been specially developed to remove fine dust and grease from lenses.

What is it used for?
ClearView Wipes are used on sunglasses, optical glasses (not contact lenses), and protective eyewear and face shields.

How do I use the wipes?
Simply remove a single wipe from our easy to open pack, reseal the tab to ensure the remaining wipes stay moistened, and then gently wipe each side of the lens you wish to clean. You will be left with a streak free finish.
* It is important to note that if any abrasive material is present on your lens, this must be washed away first.

Does it really work?
Yes! ClearView Wipes have been developed over time to deliver the perfect mix of size, portability and effectiveness. Our specially created cleaning formula ensures that you are left with a streak free ClearView. Try a pack of wipes for yourself, you’ll be amazed at how the world looks with a ClearView.

Why it is better than other wipes?
ClearView Wipes have been specifically developed for optical lens cleaning. We have ensured that the ideal combination of size, wetness, portability and strength has been produced to deliver the best cleaning results. We are an Australian owned company delivering high quality products for our environment. We have chosen materials that can be recycled* and have a lower impact on our environment. Our wipes are supplied in handy resealable packs, making them portable and convenient to carry or store anywhere.

How long does it work for?
Each wipe has been designed for a single cleaning application. This ensures that no grit is transferred from one clean to the next. Reusable cleaning cloths have been found to retain small abrasive particles that can create minute scratches on your lens. These build up over time, reducing the clarity of your lens.

Where should I store the packet?
Ideally, ClearView Wipes should be stored out of direct sunlight. This will prevent premature drying of the remaining wipes. ClearView Wipes come in a specially developed pack with a resealing tab to prolong the life of the wipes kept in the packet. It is important to ensure that your pack is resealed tightly after removing a ClearView Wipe.

What is its shelf life after being opened?
Under normal storage conditions and ensuring the handy resealable tab is securely closed, ClearView Wipes will remain ready for use for up to one month.

Where do I get the wipes from?
ClearView Wipes are available from leading chemists, optical suppliers and supermarkets.

I would like to sell the Clearview wipes in my retail store. Who should I contact? 
For orders of one carton or more, our warehousing and distribution is managed by PakMen Packaging Co. They can be contacted on 1300 977 011. For more information, you can email us at info@clearviewwipes.com.au